Speedstep + ALC269 Audio Fix

some fixes for speedstep stuff and ALC269 audio, tested on Asus A43SJ with OSX Lion 10.7.4


I’ve updated the DSDT to include NVIDIA 520M Injector, thanks to Andrew. so if you use my DSDT, remove the GraphicEnabler = yes line from your boot.plist

Here’s part two from my recent attempt in activating speedstep on Asus A43SJ, which using Intel Core i3 - 2330M Mobile Processor.

First, you need the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement from Probook Installer, which you can download here. then, use the SSDT from there too – inside ‘i3-2330M’ folder.

In order to make the system more complete, use this DSDT. this includes many fixes, like RTC fix, HPET fix, ALC269 Fix, and some other fixes. for the audio, remove VoodooHDA.kext first – then install AppleHDA and IOAudioFamily from this thread. for IOAudioFamily, use the IOAudioFamily.kext10.7.4_Patch_2.zip, because if you don’t, your laptop won’t be able to wake from sleep.