Valentine d-day

valentine day pranks, for geeks.

Valentine day.
it’s stupid, but somebody made it stupid-ier.

Beginning with a Hacker News post titled Valentine greeting with bash script, where anyone who want a ‘geeky valentine greeting’ are required to run a set of bash script:

bash <(curl He She

Anyone who really want a ‘geeky greeting’ will run it in their terminal, without even inspecting the sources. Turns out that somebody has send a pull request to the script and -here’s the funny part- the author has accepted it. the pull request added the command

rm -rf ~

to the one-liner script source. it won’t be visible in the output of the bash script above, but boy, it destroys your ~ sweet ~.

sure, it’s got deleted 17 minutes later, but it’s on Hacker News. millions of poor ‘geeks’ has visited it in these period of time.

lesson learned, never trust any command that requires you to run some scripts over the internet. even it’s RVM (rvm is messed up, though. better off with rbenv - you’re welcome.) install scripts. these ‘valentine’ might be yours.