Oh it's so dusty here

2017 intro post

Hello 2017! just realized that I never update my blog until now - thanks to the Malang’s FB DevCircle post lol.

also for the first update since 2 years ago, here’s what I’m doing:

  • I’ve been graduated from Ma Chung for sometime now. I miss the parties and heartbreaks haha. one of my friends became a star on the internet.
  • Now I work at Sale Stock as Front-End engineer. I’ve been here since march last year (i think?), it was such a blast.
  • Move to Yogyakarta since august last year. It’s pretty comfy here, with burjo on every corner that keeps my coffee and smoking habit alive. less chilly than Bandung or Malang, but maybe thats just me. I plan to move again into a higher part of the city though.
  • Polish my Programming skills up - the experience I get from NoLimit is unbeatable. thanks to mas hari, om wari, mas anshor, mas andi, mas pandu, and the others at engineering team. you’re such a hero to me haha.
  • Got to speak at conferences/meetups throughout 2016. the most notable are Malang DevCamp and FB Developer Circle Malang. Looking for more opportunity to speak this year, so contact me if you need to share about anything!
  • I travel a lot in 2016 - mostly to Malang, because of so many friends that getting married last year. I’m happy for you guys! (Don’t ask about me!)
  • Had to meet so many new people with assorted interest & background, which nice to talk to.
  • Also, my previous laptop is dead - the one that I feature as a background image on the about page, so I’ve been using office laptop now.
  • One more thing. now I got a personal landing page on https://mahardi.me.

so yeah, thats me throughout the last 2 years.

2017, here I come.